AVFConsulting, LLC’s “aSmart Sheet” (aSS) Application Technology, Greatly enhances the use of Spread Sheets. Ten to one thousand spreadsheet movements are reduced to a single button click. Advanced formulas and Macros make these enhancements possible.
aSS Apps run as CALC Worksheets under the FREE to install and use, Apache OpenOffice Application. Download and install OpenOffice.org from the Apache OOo Download page. Then Download and install the Free, GSMstrLib.oxt Library, the FRE3OF9X.TTF BarCode Font, and the free “aSSSetup.ods” application from the Free Downloads Page of this web site. Short video’s explaining the FREE aSSSetup App, which includes 3 Word Processing Improvement Games, as well as the 4, aSS Applications, can be viewed by clicking on the Pictures shown below. If you choose to lease any of the 4 applications, download the appropriate one from the Free Downloads Page, Try it several times for free, Then select the appropriate BuyNow Option from the POP DOWN List Below, and Pay with your credit car through PayPal. Email al@AVFConsults.com informing us that you have paid and what the 4 character, “Personal Security Code” (PSC) was that you used during the installation process, and we will send you an unlocked version of the application you paid for. The FREE aSSSetup.ods App contains instructions on how to Configure the OpenOffice “Preferences / Options” to allow the aSmart Sheet Apps to run properly.
The 4 applications include:
“aTimers” , a simple Cook Book Recipe Database and Count Down Timer // aBridgeTour, a Bridge Tournament Manager App // aMbrMgr, a Club or Organization Member Management App and // aGetStks, a Stock Portfolio manager that uses Financial Stock Data from the internet to analyze when large investors (like mutual funds and insurance companies) are getting into and out of various sectors in the stock market.
aSSSetupaSSSetup.ods aTimersaTimers.ods aBridgeTour1aBridgeTour aMbrMgr1aMbrMgr.ods aGetStks1aGetStks